Lithium hydroxide

High purity grade

Molecular formula: LiOH*H2O

CAS Number: 1310-66-3

International name – lithium hydroxide monohydrate

External appearance - white crystalline powder

Synonyms – lithium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide monohydrate, lithium hydroxide hydrate. 

Molecular weight 41,96 
Bulk density approx 0,9 g/cm3   
Melting point 471,10 C° 

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Parameter Specification 4-HL - ver. 2
LiOH, wt% 56,5 min
CO2, wt% 0,30 max
Cl, ppm 15 max
S, ppm 20 max
Ca, ppm 20 max
Fe, ppm 5 max
Na, ppm 20 max
Mg, ppm 5 max
Mn, ppm 5 max
Cr, ppm 5 max
Cu, ppm 5 max
К, ppm 10 max
Ni, ppm 5 max


  • A free-flowing crystalline material with greatly reduced levels of impurities. High purity grade is used in the manufacture of cathode materials for lithium ion batteries, specialty greases and fine chemical formulations.