Lithium hydroxide

Battery grade

Molecular formula: LiOH*H2O

CAS Number: 1310-66-3

International name – lithium hydroxide monohydrate

External appearance - white crystalline powder

Synonyms – lithium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide monohydrate, lithium hydroxide hydrate. 

Molecular weight 41,96 
Bulk density approx 0,9 g/cm3  
Melting point 471,10 C° 

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Parameter Specification 3-HL
LiOH, wt% 56,5 min
CO2, wt% 0,35 max
Cl, ppm 30 max
S, ppm 50 max
Ca, ppm 100 max
Fe, ppm 7 max
Na, ppm 80 max
Mn, ppm 10 max
Cr, ppm 10 max
Cu, ppm 10 max
К, ppm 20 max
Ni, ppm 10 max
Zn, ppm 10 max
Magnetic Impurities Cr+Fe+Zn+Cu (ppb) 100 max


  • A free-flowing, crystalline solid material. High purity product suitable for manufacture of cathode materials for lithium ion batteries and other fine chemical formulations.