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Molecular formula – C4H9Li

CAS-Number – 109-72-8

International name – n-Butyllithium

ADR class of hazard – 4.2 (Substances liable to spontaneous combustion) 

Synonyms – n-butyllithium, butyl lithium, regular butyl lithium, n-butyllithium

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Active butyl lithium wt % 
24± 0.5
Carbon-fixed lithium %
97.5 min
N-butyllithium – is a metal-organic compound, n-butane derivative wherein hydrogen atom of one
of methyl groups is replaced by lithium. In the pure state it is a colorless viscous liquid.
Supplied – in tank containers in a solvent medium (hexane, cyclohexane) with n-butyllithium
concentration 15 to 90%.