Lithium chloride

Produced by FMC

Molecular formula – LiCl

CAS Number – 7447-41-8

International name – lithium chloride anhydrouse

Synonyms – anhydrous lithium chloride, lithium chloride

Lithium chloride - colorless crystals, density is 2.07 g/cc, melting point is 614°C; hygroscopic, good solubility, 78.5g of lithium chloride dissolves in 100 g of water at 20°C.

Packing – a double plastic bag embedded in fibre drum, 50 kg

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Index name
Rate, wt%
LiСl, min
Impurity max
H2 0.3
OH  0.02 
Na+K  0.15
Fe2O 0.005
SO 0.01
Application of lithium chloride:
  • Production of lithium metal of liquid-alloy using electrolytic process

  • For production of modifying fluxes to weld and smelt nonferrous alloys
  • For air conditioning and air cleaning, as an absorber of moisture and vapors of organic
  • As a solid electrolyte in chemical current sources
  • As a catalyst in organic synthesis