Castor oil

Refined Castor Oil FSG

Molecular formula - C3H5(C18H33O3)3

CAS-Number – 8001-79-4

Synonym – ricinic oil, castor oil, castor oil

Packing – metal drums, 225 kg net, 244.5 kg gross

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Index Values
Hydroxide number, mg КОН/g 160 min
Iodine value, mg I2/100 g 82-90
Moisture and volatile substances, % 0.15% max
Free fatty acids (F.F.A), % 1% max
Index of refraction at 40°С 1,477-1,481
Relative weight at 30°С, g/см3 0,954-0,960
Saponification volume, mg КОН/g 177 min
Unsaponification matters, % 1% Max
Acid value, mg КОН/g 2 мах
Acetyl value 140 min
Optica rotation +3.5 - +6.0
Colour in 5.25 cell lovibond scale 20 Y max,2 R max

Scope of Castor oil:

  • Production of multifunctional grease lubricants

  • Chemical industry, production of polyurethanes, epoxy and alkyd resins, sulphated castor oil,
    sebacic and undecyl acids
  • Paint and varnish industry, production of drying oils, varnishes, paints, pigment pastes

  • Food industry, as food additive E1503

  • Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfumery

  • Manufacture of rubber and resin