12-hydroxystearic acid

Chemical formula: С13Н33О-СООН

CAS-Number –106-14-9

Synonyms — 12-hydroxystearic or 12-hydroxystearic acid

International name 12-hydroxystearic acid

Packing — bags 25 kg net

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Index name Rate, %
Appearance creamish flakes
Color Gardner 5 max
Saponification volume, mg KOH/g 180
Iodine value, gl2/100g 4 max
Hydroxide value, mg KOH/g 150-165
Acid Value, mg KOH/g 175-185
Melting point, deg C 70-80

Application 12-hydroxystearic acid:

  • Production of multifunctional grease lubricants

  • As additives for PVC mixtures to harden the finished products (PVC profile)

  • Rubber and resin products

  • Perfume and cosmetic industry